Continuous Relief for Mon Flood Victims
August 16, 2019
Visit to Sumitomo Osaka Cement’s Reserach Laboratory
November 9, 2019

AC road construction were carried out during night-time to reduce the traffic volume and to enhance road safety

Max Myanmar Construction which is taking charge of constructing Thanlyin-Thilawa Road Access to Thilawa Special Economic Zone is striving hard its construction process during nighttime with the good quality standard as in procedures and in AC composite material to reduce the traffic volume and to enhance road safety. Since the current construction phase is located at junction and traffic light area, Max Myanmar Construction pays more attention to carry out its constructing process during low traffic time with enhanced quality standard and keeping the mass balance points for earth-work. Similarly, during daytime, the construction process is carried out with one-lane method to avoid the traffic. The construction and maintenance process for Thanlyin-Thilawa Road Access is always monitored by Road Safety Office for the safety and efficient flow of traffic.