Max Myanmar Group will not only strengthen its own business practices, but will help to build the foundation for responsible business practice in Myanmar. In this way, Max Myanmar Group has the potential to be a leading company that demonstrates to other Myanmar businesses the importance of acting responsibly, and how the private sector can do so in a way that is consistent with international best practices.

Upgrading Customers’ Health and Safety

Max Group is developing a culture of safety by making OHS part of daily work routines, particularly for those companies where it is needed most because of the type of operations (e.g. construction). It has also created a monthly accident report which is published online. In addition, Max Group has started to map its risks across four areas: economic, people, environment, and community, to help determine where additional gaps in practice exist. Max Myanmar always care for customers’ health and safety. Max Myanmar is committed to the goal of zero occupational injuries and operates regular safety programs with the aim of maintaining an accident-free record at all Max Myanmar business environments. In addition, each site and group company conducts fire and disaster prevention/evacuation drills. For example, Max Highway co. ltd is striving hard to ensure the convenience and safety of the road users on it’s BOT roads.

Customer Rights

Max Group educates employees at the Group and subsidiary level about ongoing consumer rights issues. For example, Max Energy has developed Customer Information Privacy Policy.

Practicing Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the environment is ingrained in the group’s corporate values and principles. Therefore, Max Myanmar strictly adheres to all relevant environmental laws and regulations. The company also actively seeks to partake in environment engagement and reforestation initiatives. Max Myanmar plans to adopt the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System based on a solid sustainability framework in the near future in order to secure the future growth of both the corporation and the communities it operates in. Max Group has started focusing more on environmental matters as well by carrying out ESIAs (and publishing them on its website) for four different site areas. In addition, Max Group adopts a policy on land grabs, and increase awareness among its staff around the importance of environmental sustainability. Max’s environmental management includes understanding and assessing environmental impacts, reducing environmental impacts (e.g. waste, water and air emissions, biodiversity, etc), and ensuring transparency of actions taken and impact. We believe that appropriate environmental management will be of particular importance for land restoration efforts. Nearly 50 Solar panels has been installed at Max Highway Co., Ltd Aung Lan Toll Gate to demonstrate group commitment to environmental sustainability. We always focus on actions taken to improve resource efficiency and reduce emissions will improve both economic and environmental performance.

Manage and Develop Suppliers

Max Group has begun the process of supplier engagement on important topics such as labor law, OHS, and child labor. Formalizing this approach and continuing to integrate supplier engagement on CR performance into purchasing practices, training and development, and on-site review will help Max protect its own reputation while improving the safety of suppliers and their employees, along with environmental practices.

Expand Transparency

Max Group is also starting to shift its corporate culture to focus more on transparency. This has been done chiefly through publication of policies, reports, and related materials on its website and social media accounts. Where information is not already public, the company provides it on request. It has also limited its participation in open or government-involved tender processes. These efforts have resulted in Max Group’s improvement from third (in 2014) to second (in 2015) on company transparency in the annual ranking published by the Myanmar Center for Responsible Business.

Stakeholder Engagement

Max Group is engaging and communicating more with its stakeholders through social media and in-person meetings. It has participated in a variety of local and international fora focused on responsible business in Myanmar, both with NGOs and industry groups. Max Group is now publishing an annual CSR report, and its annual report contains non-financial information.

Looking Forward

In a nutshell, Max Myanmar is strongly committed to excellence in both corporate sustainability and corporate governance across all its business segments – such as transportation, trading, hotel, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics. Max Myanmar’s business units proudly participate in United Nations Global Compact since 2012 and have been actively contributing in UNGC’s Myanmar network. As a pioneer of corporate sustainability in the county, Max Myanmar proactively conducted a thorough sustainability assessment with international expert firms and successfully organized a sustainability seminar with its stakeholders. In the near future, Max Myanmar aspires to become the first choice of employees and, ultimately, of all stakeholders as the benchmark for excellence in corporate identity.

Community Engagement

With a corporate mission of Sharing and Contributing to the Community, Max Myanmar is committed to the community development in areas of financial, educational, charitable, cultural, and environmental causes. Working with local hospitals, dispensaries, the International Red Cross, and other civic associations and charities, Max Myanmar is committed to providing a significant and meaningful contribution to the social well-being of the nation. Community engagement also comprises the provision of structures that facilitate career development and create job opportunities for young people. Max Myanmar also invites local communities to participate in the company’s training programs, such as fire-fighting and occupational health and safety.

Sustainability Officer   :

U Tha Toe Kyaw
[email protected]