Max Myanmar Group will not only strengthen its own business practices but will help to build the foundation for responsible business practice in Myanmar.

In this way, Max Myanmar Group has the potential to be a leading company that demonstrates to other Myanmar businesses the importance of acting responsibly, and how the private sector can do so in a way that is consistent with international best practices.

In a nutshell, Max Myanmar is strongly committed to excellence in both corporate sustainability and corporate governance across all its business segments – such as transportation, trading, hotel, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics. Max Myanmar’s business units proudly participate in United Nations Global Compact since 2012 and have been actively contributing in UNGC’s Myanmar network.

As a pioneer of corporate sustainability in the county, Max Myanmar proactively conducted a thorough sustainability assessment with international expert firms and successfully organized a sustainability seminar with its stakeholders. In the near future, Max Myanmar aspires to become the first choice of employees and, ultimately, of all stakeholders as the benchmark for excellence in corporate identity.