• In Max Myanmar Holding Co., Ltd, corporate social responsibility refers to the responsibilities and activities where positive impacts are sought to be produced in the human rights, labor practices, organizational governance, fair business practices, community involvement, social and economic development, consumer benefits, and environmental issues.
  • We are determined to take these responsibilities and activities through well-crafted policies, plans, procedures, implementation, collective actions, monitoring, and revision for the greatest benefits for all.

  • In Max Myanmar Holding Co., Ltd, will hold that we must integrate our business values, objectives, strategies, and operations to serve and satisfy not only to our employees, customers, investors, and suppliers, but particularly to the local community, society, and the environment where we do our business as we believe such social, environmental, and economic responsibilities and activities are integral to sustainability of our business.

  • Further, we want to ensure that while striving for a highest level of business performance, we uphold the values of honesty, fairness, and mutual benefits to our society in the way we conduct our business.


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