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A donation to Nghat Aw Sann juvenile centre

A donation to Nghat Aw Sann juvenile centre


On February 23, Ayeyarwady Foundation and its families went to Nghat Aw Sann juvenile centre at Nghat Aw Sann village, Kaw Mhu Township, Yangon. Donations were made as the 11 year old birthday celebration for Ye Man Zaw, the son of U Zaw Zaw, the chairman of Ayeyarwady Foundation.

Lunch was also served with Singapore Biryani, soft drinks and ice cream for the 400 children, staffs, teachers and workers at the Nghat Aw San juvenile centre. More over two 32 inches LED televisions, were donated for the centre along with others items such as cups, toothpaste, toothbrush, soaps, towels, shirts and boxers for each individual children. A total of 210 books in various categories were also donated for knowledge increment for the kids.

Children who were convicted for commiting crimes and other street-kids were encouraged closely and personally by the Ayeyarwady Foundation chairman and told not to be discouraged, to have strong character, and to have a pleasant future by trying hard. 50 balls were donated for the kids at the centre to play football and plans were made to make football trainings at the centre occasionally. Some children are interested in boxing and training tools for boxing sports will be also donated.

Children at the centre are having meals on the basic of 423 Kyats 20 Pyas per day. Ayeyarwady Foundation will also donate 30 Millions Kyat for the children to be able to healthy for one year. Some school buildings are also ruined and Ayeyarwady Foundation will repair them. Ayeyarwady Foundation also donated 30000 Kyats each for the staffs and workers at the centre.

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