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A donation to Mon state

A donation to Mon state


Ayeyarwady Foundation went to Thone Eain Su, Sisone Matcha and Win Phone, remote villages located in Tha Htone, Mon State on February 27. The reason we were there is to do the opening ceremony for three schools, and one clinic which were built and donated by Ayeyarwady Foundation.

The 90’×60’ schools built for each village were submitted to Ministry of Education. Along with building the school, Ayeyarwady Foundation also provided the necessary furniture, restrooms and fences as well. And also, for the increment of knowledge for the locals and the children, a 32” inches LED TV, an EVD and a 2.5 kv generator were donated to each village. For students and teachers, school uniforms and 108 dozens of exercise books were donated to each school. Others necessities such as clocks, steel water containers, trays and cups were also provided.

In Thone Eain Su, where over 80 households located, Ayeyarwady Foundation will continue to help for the drinking water supply problem by re-constructing a lake. And a solar energy plate was donated which can supply lights to the whole village. In Win Phone, a clinic was also built and donated along with the school and submitted to Ministry of Health. All the necessary furniture and accessories were also donated to the clinic.

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