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Donation of Ambulance to Phalan Hospital in Chin State

Donation of Ambulance to Phalan Hospital in Chin State


Ayeyarwady Foundation has donated an Ambulance worth Kyats (580) lakh, equipped with modern medical First-Aid equipments to Phalan General Hospital in Phalan District of Chin State.

This donation ceremony was held on 8th July 2013 in the compound of the Phalan General Hospital and was handed over to the Dr Sein Hlaing, Chief Medical Officer by District Administrative Officer U Soe Tint on behalf of Ayeyarwady Foundation.

As of date, Ayeyarwady Foundation has donated a total of (16) Ambulances to concerned parties.

List of Ambulances Donated by Ayeyarwady Foundation

Kantbalu (1) Nos.
Labutta (1) Nos.
MaUbin (1) Nos.
Pathein (2) Nos.
Zalun (1) Nos.
Yekyi (1) Nos.
Chaungtha (1) Nos.
Hinthada (1) Nos.
Phalan (1) Nos.
Yankin Children's Hospital (2) Nos.
Myanmar's Doctors Association (3) Nos.
Ministry of Sports (Nay Pyi Daw) (1) Nos

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