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Ayeyarwady Foundation will help the child who has four legs

Ayeyarwady Foundation will help the child who has four legs


Ayeyarwady Foundation and Yankin Children Hospital are helping the 3 and half month old child who has four legs, from Pin Lone, Southern Shan State.

The professor of Yankin Children hospital Operation Ward, Daw Aye Aye said “The child was born with four legs, the outside two legs are fine and the middle ones have to be removed. Her reproductive organ is distinctly between the left side legs, and just a mark on the right. The operation will be made at Yankin Children Hospital. All the necessary assessments will be made thoroughly before the operation. Advices and help from experts will be received as well. The operation can’t be made at once though. We need to prepare very well.”

The child was born in February, at a village located 45 miles to the south of Pin Lone. Her parents are U Khun San Dway and Daw Nan Naunt Naunt.

She has 3 siblings and all are girls. The eldest one died and the others are at the age of 6 and 3. Ayeyarwady Foundation went and met with the girl and her parents to help them alongside with the doctors from Yankin Children Hospital, for the operation, and convenient staying. And also Ayeyarwady Foundation will discuss with Yankin Children Hospital Medical Superintendence, authorized surgeons and doctors and provide the necessary supports for the operation of the child.

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